The PT & The Osteopath

New  Collaboration – The PT & The Osteopath

Freddie (lead trainer of The 225 Club) and I are debuting our new collaboration, The PT & The Osteopath. What does this mean, you may ask! Well, here it is…

As an osteopath I see patients with all types of muscle and joint pain, some related to sporting injuries some just seem to start for no good reason. Current research is firmly of the opinion that a combination of treatment and strengthening is more effective than treatment on its own. At the Four Health clinic we give our patients exercise programs to follow in conjunction with treatment which can be very useful, however for some they may need and want more!

Freddie has a wealth of experience as a personal trainer with particular interest in post injury rehabilitation. He regularly sees clients that find they are being slowed down by an injury or restriction in their muscles and tissues and need help from someone like an osteopath in conjunction with their training.

Freddie and I will be offering various packages which combine our expertise and give you a collaborative approach to either help you improve what you’ve already got or help you get over an injury that’s holding you back.

All sessions will be held at The 225 Club, Cobham. Please call 01932 590030 for info and bookings.

Watch this space for more info on upcoming offers and packages.