Running Running and More Running!

Let’s talk RUNNING!!

What a week it’s been so far! Busy with patients, reaching out to local businesses to collaborate with and now writing a new blog!

I was on a home visit in Teddington and thought I’d pop into Sweat Shop on Broad Street. ( They are running specialists. I had a great chat with Nico, one of the guys there about what they do and how they do it. They have a good understanding of gait for all you runners, a good selection of shoes and of custom moulded insoles. I love interacting with local companies like this, it gives me confidence to send patients their way when people ask for recommendations.

I’ve worked with runners a lot in the last few years of varying standards from people who just like a short jog a couple of times a week to ultra-marathon runners. I was very privileged to support a guy through his training for the Marathon Des Sables not that long ago. Having access to treadmills at the clinic in Cobham is fantastic when analysing gait and offers a true insight into your running technique.

The next blog post will be about what to do if your back goes into spasm as it seems people aren’t too sure.

In the meantime, a take home tip for runners – If you’re a road runner don’t always take the same route. Mix up which side of the road/pavement you run on and this way you reduce the risk of the camber of the surface potentially causing you issues and pain!!

Catch up soon